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Discounts to startups 50%
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community for nation building

Our social responsiblity involves the support of non profit organisations because through them,they help better our community through their strugles to build better communities and environment for comfortable and happy human living.

You have not lived until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.

Royal Diadem International

We Support Non Profits Like Royal Diadem

Royal diadem is a non profit organisation that help empower youths by helping them discover their talents,skills and purpose.Then training them to use this talents for the service of God and humanity.

support the needy

Plus children
school events
Environmental events

About RDI

Royal Diadem International is a non profit making organisation that is out to empower youths to exploit their talents.RDI spreads seeds of righteousness and praise in all the nations of the earth.This organisation was founded in 2013 in Buea Cameroon, and launched in November 2016 in Ngaoundere Cameroon.RDI has helped many children in the orphanages around Ngaoundere,Buea and Bamenda.Being a non profit organisations,her activities are strictly funded by its members and support from willing individuals.Our social responsiblity includes supporting organisations like RDI amongst many others meet their goals.Support RDI today,read more about the organisation on their official website Royal DIadem. 

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