TIEMEG uses the power of design to help diverse clients reach their customers and stand out of competition in the market place

Tiemuncho engineering group

TiemEG blends the power of engineering with design by offering a couple service that most industries need for greater outreach and productivity.We are helping business and brands distinguish themselves from a highly competitive connected world.We are a consultancy service that blends brand strategy with design,and drive productivity through engineering.We are able to review process performance as well as product performance and provide adequate solutions needed to overcome the challenges faced by the enterprise.

our wide range of services including:business development,product launch and marketing campaigns.We develop precise and effective strategies,power identities,seamless interactions and on the mind exspiriences to connect people and brands.Blending culture and design.


We offer unique engineering solutions to process performance problems in enterprises by blending modern engineering solutions. We use  2D and 3D modeling to solve design problems as well as mathematical modelling to optimize processe and product yield.

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